Det tyske samarbeidet DeGov og Reykjavik kommune sitt intranett.

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Baddy bilde

Here you find the slides from the session today:

Baddy Breidert fra det tyske selskapet 1XINTERNET skal fortelle om hvordan man jobber sammen i Tyskland i samarbeidet/distribusjonen DeGov og hvordan Reykjavik kommune jobber med Drupal.

In this session I will talk about deGov which is a Drupal 8 Distribution that is tailored to the public sector in Germany. deGov is already being used in the largest state in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Usecases for deGov

  • Websites for national-, regional-, and local government organizations

  • Information pages for governmental activities

  • Service portals for governmental services

  • Intranet / Extranet Applications

  • Citizen participation portals

The City of Reykjavik has been using Drupal since 2011 and all the large websites / web portals are run on Drupal (30+ applications). Currently the City of Reykjavik is starting a migration from D7 to D8 for the large web portals such as, and the intranet.

With more and more digital services, the citizens of the City of Reykjavik are being sent to different web portals to manage their own registrations and information, such as registering the children to school, applying for a dog permission or apply for a pickup service for handicapped people. Most of the digital services are separate 3rd party systems which are not connected in any way. Each web portal has different look and feel and sometimes it it not necessarily clear that the service is provided by the City of Reykjavik.

In this session I will showcase a web portal that integrates all digital services into one web interface using microservice architecture with Drupal.

Session time

About the speaker

About me

Baddý Sonja Breidert (baddysonja) is the CEO and Co-Founder of 1xINTERNET, one of the largest Drupal web agencies in Germany.
Baddý graduated with B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Reykjavik in 2003 and after that completed her M.Sc. in Engineering Management from the Technical University in Vienna, where she today teaches Agile Project management and IT. She is also an European champion in Robotic Soccer - where she competed with her University in 2008.
Baddý is very active in the Drupal community and organizes Drupal conferences and events both in Iceland and Germany. Since January 2018, Baddy is a board member of the Drupal Association.