Building Multilingual Websites with Drupal 8

Session description

Drupal 8 offers much more out of the box for building multilingual sites. It is much more powerful and offers greater flexibility than Drupal 7, and all without the need for the i18n contrib module!

Having built multiple multilingual websites in Drupal 8, including one with 13 distinct languages across 4 different regions, this session will cover the basics of configuring your content to be multilingual, and briefly touching on localising content for different regions and the various pitfalls encountered and lessons learned along the way.

The session will touch on the following areas:

  • Configuring your languages and language negotiation
  • Translating nodes and taxonomy terms
  • The joys and pains of translating paragraphs
  • Regionalisation (aka localisation)

Attendees should be proficient at Drupal site-building, familiar with content types, views, etc. Familiarity with multilingual in Drupal 7 not required, but might be helpful.

Session time

About the speaker

Stella Power
About me

Stella Power is the Managing Director and founder of Annertech, a Drupal agency based out of Ireland. 

Stella graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A. in Computational Physics, and subsequently went on to complete a M.Sc. in Software Engineering in Dublin City University. 

An active contributor to open-source, Stella maintains many modules on She is also a member of the international Drupal Security Team, one of only 35 people worldwide. Having co-founded the Drupal Ireland Association in 2010, Stella has helped organise many Drupal camps and meetups since, and was recently involved in the organisation of DrupalCon Dublin, and as well as a track chair for the business track at both DrupalCon Dublin and Vienna.