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A present for lazy developer: automating code quality control

A session is focusing on code quality control and goes from simple to more complicated:

1. Defining the types of problems of the code

2. Evaluating its risks

3. Looking at the tools available to evaluate the code against the problems defined: PHP Lint, PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector

4. Covering Drupal specifics of the task

JavaScript Modernisation Initiative

Back in 2007, the very first iPhone was released, the last Harry Potter book was published, and Britney Spears had an extra tough year. Also, Drupal 5 shipped with jQuery. Over ten years later, not much has changed with Drupal's JavaScript architecture, but in the meantime the way we build websites has hugely shifted, and as a consequence Drupal's role has shifted too.

SSO with SAML and OKTA

This session will demonstrate how a single sign-on being setup between a drupal 8 site and okta that connects any person with any application on any device, by integrating them with an award-winning application written in native PHP that deals with authentication called SimpleSAMLphp so that an end user can authenticate seamlessly without bothering about the credentials thereby eliminating furt


Hi am Abhay Pai, working for Srijan Technologies, currently working from Makati, Philipines.


Simple Good looking website, where we will manage the content in the website from Drupal.

Things to know:

HTML5, SASS, Javascript, Nodejs, Modular Approach, Rest API, Drupal 8.


Decoupled Drupal with JSON API & ReactJS

ReactJS is the JavaScript library with component based approach for building JavaScript based web applications. Men enhver JavaScript front-end trenger en RESTful service-basert back-end to store data og implementere forretningslogikk.

Let's write secure Drupal code!

In my session I'll show the most common vulnerabilities that our Drupal code can have and how we should be prepared to avoid such an unsecure code to be released. The presentation covers trends in vulnerabilities, starting in general aspects then showing Drupal specific ones. I'll also speak about what we should do if we find any vulnerabilities in contributed solutions.

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